Friday, October 16, 2009

Coffee "Cakey-Bread"

A crispy exterior with a moist interior.

I was inspired by The Pioneer Woman to bake this coffee cake. I followed her recipe exactly. With the cake baking in the oven, the coffee aroma wafted through the kitchen. I was salivating until the kitchen started to small like burnt coffee. It didn't make sense, because the cake had only been in the oven for 10 minutes. I stared at the oven for a moment, then I found the culprit! My mini-toaster oven was set on the toast setting instead of the bake setting. (Just to clarify, toast means the hot rods on the top of the oven heats up, and bake means the heat comes from the bottom).

As a result of setting the oven on toast, the coffee granules had started to burn. A crust had also developed. I quickly set the oven to bake in hopes of saving the burning cake. I went as far as putting foil on top of the cake, but I don't think that helped too much.

When the cake finished baking, a nice bread crust had developed on top of my soft moist cake. My heart dropped when I saw my sad creation. No words can describe this "cake." My dad had different ideas about my "cake." He took a bite, "Wow! This is good! I love the crust!" My mouth dropped in horror, "Cakes aren't suppose to have crusts," I uttered out.

Dad: No, no, no...this is perfect. Make this again with the crust.
Me: But...but that's not what a cake is. I made a mistake.
Dad: It's not a mistake. It's called inventing something new and you should try selling this. I'm serious. Call it Cakey-Bread. *grins*

My left eye twitched and I gave him a blank stare. Thought about it for a moment and I have to admit, my dad is right. What I created wasn't a failure. It's called creative liberty aka experimenting. In my case, I created something different from what I expected. Because of my "mistake," I baked a "Cakey-Bread" that tasted really good. Nothing can beat the texture of a crispy exterior with a soft and moist interior. A cake deserves a crust and I'm going to make that next time.

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