Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Fruit Tart" = Fail

View of the 2 Tarts.

It's been awhile since I "failed" at making a creation. To be fair, it wasn't all me. I'm too good to mess up this poorly. What happened? Well, I'll have to start from the beginning.

I was over at my friend's place and we impulsively decided to make desserts! We had a sudden craving for sweet sugary, crispy goodness. He wanted a thin, flaky, puff crust with a simple filling. We googled a simple crust recipe and we improvised the filling. The crust was easy enough: sugar, flour, butter, salt, and several tablespoons of water. The filling was even simpler: dice up some peaches, boil sugar water, add peaches, and reduce into a thick sauce/paste. Everything was coming together perfectly. My friend began making miniature sized tarts, and I topped it with filling. On top of that was either a sprinkle of pecans or apple slices. Quite pretty, I gotta admit.

We pop the goodies into the oven and waited...the aroma of the buttery crust filled the kitchen. I was beginning to drool. The timer finally went off and we took the goodies out of the oven. I couldn't wait...I grabbed a spatula to lift a tart off the cookie sheet and onto a plate. I used a fork to break off a small piece.

Apple Topped Apricot Tart.

I was expecting a crispy, light crust with a hint of sweetness from the filling. Guess what I got instead...

An overly salty, buttery crust that tasted like saltine crackers.

WHAT?! I glad you're reading about this and not facing this mess in person. I was so so so sad. I was waiting for something spectacular and I was soooo hungry.

Turns out the butter was salted already, which was why the extra salt I added to the dough messed everything up. /sigh. Next time, I will prevail and beat the salt!!! Muahahahaha.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Matcha Cookies v1.0

Don't you hate great ideas, but poor execution? I had a craving for matcha and I had the brilliant idea of making matcha sugar cookies. Sounds simple right? Use a sugar cookie base and add matcha powder, then BAM! AWESOME MATCHA COOKIES!! Whoooo! NOT! I wish, I wish, I WISH! It turned out as well as I imagined. Here take a look at my product:


What's wrong with it you ask? Well, a number of things. First, it tasted like a sugar cookie. No matcha flavor whatsoever. I put 2 tablespoons of matcha powder, but that wasn't enough. Second, it was overly soft...not chewy, soft and that's gross. I love my cookies crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. What else did I learn? Cheap matcha = cookie fail. =( Perhaps next time, I will add heaps of powder instead of skimping on it. My biggest fear is that by adding too much, my cookie might taste bitter instead of having a hint of green tea to it.

I love the color of matcha.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick English Muffin Sandwich


The healthiest, easiest sandwich ever if you don't want to leave the house. Toasted English muffin with melted cheese on both sides of the bun, a slice of red onion, and half an avocado. Oh simple, yet so good.

Call my taste buds boring, but I love tasting the natural flavors of fresh veggies. So go screw yourself if you think this is naaaasty. Hrrrmp....more for me in the long run.


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