Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bouchon, Las Vegas

Recently, I visited Vegas with the B/F and his friends. One of his friends picked all the places for our meals. His choices were awful. The restaurants were overpriced, had overcooked and overly seasoned dishes, and a whole slew of other horrible things that I can complain about, but I won't. Finally, on the last day that we would be in Vegas, we found Bouchon.

The sourdough waffles were to die for.

My BF enjoyed the Croque Madame.

A melon salad that was infused in some sort of herb.

Some real awesome cherry spread for the bread.


  1. wow! i really enjoy reading your blog. keep going girl! i am your fan!

  2. LOLOLOL!! i got fooled. i was commenting on all your blog posts... and then with my (not my peripheral... cause that's the side views?) "up-down" peripheral vision i saw WAFFLES! ... i thought you made them...

    huuugee disappointment when i found out this post was a REVIEW! not a recipe post. :(


  3. How would I make waffles?? We don't even have a waffle iron! lol



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