Friday, April 2, 2010

Kids + Ice Cream

I groggily dragged myself out of bed. I stumbled down the hallway into the kitchen to eat a quick breakfast even though I'm already running 5 minutes behind schedule. I need the energy. I have kids I need to mentor when I get to work. I quickly get dressed, grab my bag, and run out the door to the bus stop. It's empty. The only thing I can do is wait. I see a bus in the distance coming towards me. I get on, arrive at the stop near the school, and hustle down the hill. When I get there, I don't see any of my lovely kids running around or hear any laughter or screams. Hrm, how odd. Oh well. I opened the door to the school. oh...the office lights are off. What's going on? Surprise, surprise. The classroom is locked. This sucks. I woke up early to a closed school for some unknown reason.

Pretty =)

What does that have to do with ice cream? Nothing at all. I needed to write out what happened to me this morning.

The ice cream concoction was an experiment. A mixture of leftover heavy cream from making truffles, egg, and milk. For the flavoring, I used Ribena Blackcurrent syrup. This experiment seemed like a great idea, but the result was not what I anticipated. The texture did not resemble ice cream. It was gummy and syrupy.

All I can say, enjoy the pictures.

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