Friday, December 18, 2009

Sushi Leftovers = Plating and Food Photography 101

A. All elements on the plate are clearly shown and I'm following rule of thirds.

This was my lunch awhile back. I wasn't particularly hungry so I decided to practice plating. It's never a bad time to practice in my book.

I have arranged the photos from best to worst. Compared to my earlier photos, I have improved drastically. For example, my first blog post. Another sign that I have improved: I can critique and arrange my photos from best to worst.

B. All elements are shown. However, the composition
isn't as interesting as the first photo.

C. It's a nice over view photo, but not very dynamic. It does not engage you visually.

D. A boring overview photo.

Although my best photo is considered "nice" compared to my first blog post, there are so many other aspects I wish to improve on. I find my light source distracting, especially the highlight in the bottom left corner. My plating abilities are better, but I need jazz up my background and work on composing photos.


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