Friday, March 9, 2012

Want to make Jello Chocolate Pudding? Try this recipe!

I was brutally honest in a situation and laid out the facts and the emotions I was feeling. I told the truth, because I have respect for them and I wanted open communication. Now, my honesty is being misconstrued into me hiding something and blamed for being uncommitted. Highly annoying when being misunderstood is one of my pet peeves.

To make myself feel better, I indulged in some chocolate pudding. Childhood memories =  pure happiness. None of the complex issues of adulthood. Thanks to Stella/BraveTart, I was able to bring back a a moment of my simple childhood days. It's chocolatety and light and a smile is sure to appear after the first taste.

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  1. uh!!! where's the recipe at brah!???



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