Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cilantro Grilled Cheese Sandwich

om nom nom

Awhile back, JSB showed me a grilled cheese sandwich that had crispy cheese on the outside. Love at first sight. Since that moment, I can't go back to normal grilled cheese sandwiches. Damnit. In an attempt to kick it up a notch, I decided to add my favorite herb: cilantro. My gawd, it was heaven. Next time, I may add some garlic...or maybe tomatoes and basil? The possibilities are endless!

Check out the crispy cheese~

I discovered that writing these entries twice a week is motivating me to come up with new ideas so that I can't run out of material. It also helps center me so that I feel less stressed about all the tasks I must complete.  I recently acquired a new position as a team leader and it's both frightening and exciting for me. I'm scared that I'll look like a fool or that I'm unable to motivate the team and classroom I'll be working in. My greatest fear is that I'll fail at the entire task and they'll have to terminate me. On the other hand, I'm excited that I will face my fear of public speaking, seeing what I can accomplish, and perhaps discover that I am actually good at leading.

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