Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Taste of Cranberries

When I was younger, I thought cranberries referred to the red pureed jelly that appeared every Thanksgiving. Then I was introduced to the dark intense red juice that was tangy and sweet. Another year, our family upgraded our cranberry sauce where actual chunks of cranberries were visible. This was seriously confusing for me. What are cranberries suppose to look like and taste? It didn't help that a couple of years later, my aunt gave me a packet of dried cranberries. I asked my mom what cranberries looked like. She didn't know. Talk about frustration.

As the years passed, I began to notice packages of fresh cranberries at supermarkets. Finally, this year, I decided to have some fun with them. I used the cranberries in an apple and cranberry crisp. Wow. The sour tang of the cranberries complimented the sweet fuji apples. The crispy sweet crust pulled everything together. Next year, I'm going have to make this again to celebrate autumn.

 Apple Cranberry Crisp.

I used my default recipe by Joy of Baking. The only thing I changed was substituting the apples with 1 16oz bag of cranberries, 2-3 fuji apples, and a whole lotta sugar.

Oooh, condensed milk.

The next morning, I drizzled some condensed milk to help soften the sour bite. The condensed milk added an extra layer of creamy sweetness that complimented the crisp well. I've been thinking that next time, I should drizzle some caramel on top. Mmmm....I can't wait.

The final verdict: JSB and I loved it. However, our parents found the crisp too sour and poor K (my other sis) missed out.

Food styling. Fail.

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