Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't want to spend money on a pastry brush? Try this!

Fresh Buns!

I'm sure these buns look familiar. I talked about them in my last post. However, I wanted to share something new with my readers (if I even have any) hahaha. I guess, in reality, all this writing is for me.

What I wanted to share was that you don't need a pastry/food brush to paint the egg wash on the buns. You won't believe the tool. I guarantee that every single person has this in their home. You ready?

It's...paper napkins! (or paper towels if your napkins aren't heavy duty)

Dip the napkin in the egg wash and brush it over 
the bun like a normal brush.

Spread a thin layer all over the top.

And ta-da! You've accomplished the task without having to buy a new tool.


  1. PIEE'S BRREAD!!! YIPEEYAY. ... can you make some more pls? dude, when i go to college... can you make 'em like every weekends so i can have something for my breakfast for the first few days of the week?!

    btw, i love this technique-- i use it all the time! (considering we use the same kitchen... i mean, it's all we have...) LMAO!

  2. Why do all your comments revolve around me making something? =P

    I don't mind making you some on the weekend, but EVERY weekend? Won't you be sick of them?

  3. yayyy thanks for the ideaa!

  4. you my friend, are a genius. Thank you :)

  5. I was just googling what to use since I didn't have a pastry brush. Thank you. My rolls are almost ready for oven. First time for yeast rolls like this. Wish me luck.



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