Monday, December 26, 2011

Appreciation [Boston Cream Pie]

Appreciation is showing that we care and value someone. As a teacher, working with kids bring joy when they accomplish a milestone. At a preschool level, I work with not just the children, but also their parents. It's a packaged deal and sometimes we have different opinions about discipline methods and expectations. It's my job to help the parents understand that what we do is intended to help children learn and grow. When we bump heads, I fear that I may have stepped on their toes too much so when the holidays roll around and parents go out of their way to purchase gifts of appreciation, it makes me so happy, because I know that what I do is of value to them.

The Christmas much like Thanksgiving is about showing those around you that you care about them. I brought this cake to dinner and it was a hit at Thanksgiving. All I can say, is Thank You Joy of Baking! You're magical. I made a large 9-inch cake for the dinner, but for photography purposes a mini one was made.

The components are easy to put together. The pastry cream can be made the night before, the cake in the morning, and assembled a couple hours later after the cake cools.

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