Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to pit Cherries with a Chopstick and Knife (step-by-step picture tutorial)

It's the season where all the wonderful sweet cherries flood the markets. It's also the time where cherry desserts are popular and cherries need to be pitted. Before I came up with this technique, I used to halve cherries and dig pits out with my fingers. Not so pretty, but it worked.

Sometime last year, I remembered reading about using a chopstick to pit a cherry. I tried it once and the cherry was mangled with juice leaking everywhere. I figured that there had to be an easier way and I came up with this method. All you need is a chopstick, knife, plate, and cherries.

Note: I recommend "X-ing" all the cherries first then pushing them out with the chopstick to make the process go faster.

Mmm. The finished bowl of cherries.

Gather your tools: a blunt tip chopstick, knife, and plate. Don't forget your cherries!

Muahhaha. The victim: a ripe cherry.

Make a "X" with your knife on the bottom of the cherry. (NOTE: Watch your fingers! I almost nicked myself a couple of times.)

When you make your "X," make sure the incision goes all the way down to the pit.

Grip the cherry like so. Hold it firmly.

With the chopsticks, give a firm push through the top (where the stem used to be).

The pit should pop right out with minimal juice and flesh loss.

Sometimes pits have a hard time coming out so you'll need to help it along by digging  from the bottom.
X marks the spot!

Done~ Enjoy your bowl of cherries!


  1. Yay this is so helpful! thanks!

  2. This is fantastic, thank you!

  3. You're welcome! I'm glad I helped you out. =)

  4. Something I've done for years which is even faster is....use a drinking straw to push out the pit...this works wonderfully with strawberries too!

  5. why not just use a cherry pitter? Much easier and cleaner....

    1. EXACTLY my thought!

  6. Thanks for the tip! I have been making cherry pies this week with no pitter! Will give this a go next time. Like the straw idea too...

  7. This way a lot of cherry juice will come off. Try using a safety pin instead. Just dig a pin out through the liitle hole with the safe end of a pin.



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