Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Fruit Tart" = Fail

View of the 2 Tarts.

It's been awhile since I "failed" at making a creation. To be fair, it wasn't all me. I'm too good to mess up this poorly. What happened? Well, I'll have to start from the beginning.

I was over at my friend's place and we impulsively decided to make desserts! We had a sudden craving for sweet sugary, crispy goodness. He wanted a thin, flaky, puff crust with a simple filling. We googled a simple crust recipe and we improvised the filling. The crust was easy enough: sugar, flour, butter, salt, and several tablespoons of water. The filling was even simpler: dice up some peaches, boil sugar water, add peaches, and reduce into a thick sauce/paste. Everything was coming together perfectly. My friend began making miniature sized tarts, and I topped it with filling. On top of that was either a sprinkle of pecans or apple slices. Quite pretty, I gotta admit.

We pop the goodies into the oven and waited...the aroma of the buttery crust filled the kitchen. I was beginning to drool. The timer finally went off and we took the goodies out of the oven. I couldn't wait...I grabbed a spatula to lift a tart off the cookie sheet and onto a plate. I used a fork to break off a small piece.

Apple Topped Apricot Tart.

I was expecting a crispy, light crust with a hint of sweetness from the filling. Guess what I got instead...

An overly salty, buttery crust that tasted like saltine crackers.

WHAT?! I glad you're reading about this and not facing this mess in person. I was so so so sad. I was waiting for something spectacular and I was soooo hungry.

Turns out the butter was salted already, which was why the extra salt I added to the dough messed everything up. /sigh. Next time, I will prevail and beat the salt!!! Muahahahaha.

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